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A special request from a ten year old, who was really pleased with the result! A must for all Dinosaur collectors. Full face mask.
Size: 42 cm x 34 cm Price: € 100.00

A splendid bird with a very long beak and it’s crest at half mast. Worn as a cap.
Size:59 cm x 17 cm x 16 cm Price: € 100.00

A friendly face, the eye holes are the nostrils!
Size: 34 cm x 34 cm x 17 cm Price: € 120.00

With donkey ears and a natural nose, this mask is part of the tale told time and again. Perfect for a stage presentation or party. Half or Full Face mask.
Size: 30 cm x 30 cm Price: € 100.00

A loose copy of the old man from the ancient Japanese Noh Theatre tradition. Full Face Mask.
Size: 23 cm x 20 cm Price: € 100.00

A serene sun. Full face mask.
Size: 33 cm (diameter) Price: € 100.00

The spirit of nature? Spring, Summer or Autumn. Full face mask.
Size: 32 cm x 27 cm Price: € 100.00

A sleepy Moon. Full face mask.
Size: 34 cm x 26 cm Price: € 100.00

Wild Boar
They can be really fierce – as with the Giraffe, the eye holes are the nostrils.
Size: 32 cm x 24 cm x 23 cm Price: € 120.00