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Beginner's Course

Not much to do with newspaper, and nothing to do with flour and water or wallpaper paste. There are many different techniques of Papiermaché, this, in my opinion,is one of the most satisfying. It allows great detail while remaining light but extremely strong.

The course lasts 15 hours, which can be compressed into a bare minimum of 5 days (to allow, often accelerated, drying time), or spread over a longer period.

Here’s an idea of what the course entails:
- Developing your idea, whether it be a mask or a wall sculpture, ideally you’ll come with some sketches or images which will help me understand what you intend to create. I greatly encourage originality and semplicity.
- A clay model
- A plaster cast negative, with which you can make more at home.
- The papiermaché
- The preparation of the surface to be painted.
- The painting of the piece.
- Attaching ribbons /elastics, etc.
- Standing back to admire your work.

The timetable is to be agreed on with the individual(s). It is possible to work in a small group, no more than three people. The minimum age is around ten years old.

15 hours are normally enough to model, cast, make and colour a “simple” piece in papiermaché.

The cost of the course (15 hours) is 180,00 Euro, with all materials included.

Please contact us for any further information.