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The studio is situated in Via de’ Macci 82Red, in the historical Santa Croce neighbourhood, close to the characteristic Sant’Ambrogio market. This area of Central Florence is packed full of interesting Churches, Museums, Galleries and Monuments, as well as a myriad of old, and new, Arts and Crafts workshops and shops. A delight for the tourist (or explorer) who loves to get lost in the back streets and really get the feel of a place.

From the Train Station, Santa Maria Novella:

By foot – around 25 minutes, crossing the historical centre of Florence (if you don’t stop to look at everything you pass!).

By bus – buy the ticket BEFORE you get on the bus, then remember to validate it. There are little electric buses which cross the centre, the ‘A’ runs from the station and you can get off in Piazza dei Ciompi, or the number 14, and you can get off in Via Ghibellina. Once you are in Via de’ Macci, follow the RED numbers until you find number 82 -the red numbers are normally businesses, shops, bars and restaurants and the black numbers are entrances to where the locals dwell. I wish someone had explained this to me as soon as I arrived in Florence – it took ages to work it out for myself.

By taxi – by far the quickest, and they’ll bring you the closest! Tell them it’s near the Via del Agnolo / Via de’ Macci crossing, close to the Sant’Ambrogio Market (Piazza Ghiberti).

Here is a small map to help you.